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Request for Proposals

Itasca Economic Development Corporation is looking for qualified consultants to perform an Economic Industry Cluster and Business Assistance Targeting Strategy, RFP responses are due November 16th. 


Itasca Economic Development Corporation (IEDC) is releasing this request for proposals for the purpose of developing an economic cluster and resiliency analysis as well as a business assistance targeting strategy. The primary goal of the Cluster Analysis is to determine changing and new industry clusters based on current and emerging industries within Itasca County.

The analysis will profile and build a business case for business development targets that leverage Itasca County’s current and emerging economic strengths and assets, including its natural resources, for value added diversification including but not limited to woody biomass utilization, supply chain development and product import substitution opportunities. The analysis will have a major emphasis on other diversification targets that are existing, new or emerging and can be considered sustainable growth opportunities and a good fit for Itasca County and the existing and emerging industry clusters. 


Click Here to download the Economic Industry Cluster Analysis RFP


Our role in Itasca County 

A central piece of IEDC’s mission involves supporting education and research efforts that help to grow the local economy. IEDC has been a partner in numerous studies, including the following:

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