Innovate 218 - A Launch MN Regional Hub



Outside of coastal cities and metropolitan areas, including Minneapolis/St. Paul, there are minimal world class resources available to today’s new innovators and entrepreneurs in Greater Minnesota. West Central Minnesota and the Greater St. Cloud Region have undertaken a bold effort to make the region the go-to region in Greater Minnesota for entrepreneurs and startups who seek a robust ecosystem and support structure to grow their ideas into successful startups. Through Innovate 218, we are hoping to do the same.

Innovate 218 is a regional Launch MN group that was created to help innovators and entrepreneurs located in Greater Minnesota by providing a comprehensive set of supports and expanding the ILT Academy program that has already been running in St. Cloud, MN and Red Wing, MN.   

The programming and services brought forth through Innovate 218, will assist in the building and expansion of the startup ecosystem for entrepreneurs in the Northeast Development Region through education, training, networking, access to nationally ranked accelerators, access to risk capital and technical support services.


Innovate 218 - Startup Innovation: Powered by, ILT academy

Unleash the Power of your Idea! ILT Academy is offering an 2 hr interactive, immersive virtual workshop where participants (of any age) learn and practice the processes and techniques to define and refine an idea’s core problem, solution, customer, and the potential opportunities surrounding that idea.

Most good ideas do not come fully formed. Even the best ideas need to be iterated, explored, and refined before they have a chance at becoming great business ideas. There is a process that can be taught and practiced to sharpen an idea--taking it from good, to better, and then to great.

Join us for our first Innovation Workshop on June 5th, 2021 from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.

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Although our group is ever-growing, the following partners currently make up, Innovate 218:



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