Monthly Engage Sessions

Itasca Economic Development Corporation will be hosting a monthly Engage meeting. These meetings will feature topics that are targeted towards small business. These sessions will occur on the third Thursday of every month at 2:00 pm via Zoom. Head to the Events Calendar to find the topic for this month as well as the Zoom link to join! 

This page will be used as a landing page for all of the previous Engage sessions that you may have missed! Check it out! 


January Engage - Beginner's Guide to Quickbooks

On January's Engage session, Katie Dane, owner of Little Fish Consultants, LLC and SBDC Quickbooks Subject Matter Expert presents a Beginner's Guide to Quickbooks.

We were happy that Katie was able to walk us through step-by-step and put Quickbooks in an easy to understand guide. From Sales Tax, to mileage and reports.. Katie did an excellent job at going through all of the tips and tricks that there are to know about Quickbooks. We recommend watching this lesson before next month's Engage sessions. In February, Katie will take us into a deeper dive of Quickbooks. We can't wait!

December Engage - PACE, BER & DBR

On December's Engage session, Peter Klein (SPPA), Vincent Meyer (AEOA) and Whitney Ridlon (IRRRB) gave us a high level overview of PACE, BER and DBR.

Peter Klein says that there are to reasons to invest in clean energy projects such as Property Assesed Clean Energy (PACE):

  • Positive Cashflow
  • No-Cost Marketing Investment

Business Energy Retrofit (BER) is a grant program that is designed to finance energy related upgrades. The grants will pay 1/3 of the total project cost up to $20,000. There is absolutley no risk in applying. Downtonw Building Rehabilitation Program (DBR) is a grant that is designed to help aid in financing code compliant construction and remodeling projects on main street in a downtown location. These grants will pay 1/3 of the total project cost up to $50,000.

Whitney Ridlon says, "There is SO much opportunity for these programs to be utilized in North Eastern Minnesota."



November Engage - NEXT (Career Pathways) & ICC Internships

On November's Engage session, Career Pathways Director, Claire Peterlin and Itasca Community College Business & Economics Professor, Nick Rothstein presented on internship opportunities that are available at both the highschool and college levels!

We were pleasently surprised when Nick Rothstein invited ICC's Natural Resources Depatment Chair, Lee Kessler on the call. Lee talked about the importance that internships play in every career, but especially the significance it can have on a forestry student. One of Lee's former students was able to attend and share his story! 

We encourage you to view this very informative session! We believe that you'll find it just as great as we did!



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