Latest Updates on Business and Itasca County Regarding COVID-19

IEDC is here to serve the businesses and individuals in this community by providing clear, concise information to help them thrive or sustain.  In the current climate, information is coming from all sides, and while it is well intended, often can leave one confused about what is available to them. 

Our commitment at IEDC is to always provide the most up to date, accurate information as it becomes available to us. 


Business Resources Information Sessions

After hearing the new restrictions that were put into place on November 18th, 2020; we understand how  it can leave you feeling confused and heartbroken all at the same time. We will be having two Business Resources Information Sessions. We want to provide you with up-to-date and relevant information as it pertains to the current state of our community. The following topics will be discussed: Itasca Strong, Itasca Small Business Relief Loans, Taconite Area Business Relief Loans, SBA Updates, Entrepreneur Fund, Facing the Challenges Ahead, Community Updates and more!

  • To view a copy of the full powerpoint from November 20th, click here. 
  • To view the full conversation from November 20th, click here. 
  • To view the full conversation from November 24th, click here. 



Four-Week Dial Back

"On Wednesday, November 18th, Governor Tim Walz announced new actions to help control the spread of COVID-19. Turning the dial back, Governor Walz announced a four-week pause on social activities, in-person dining, sports, and fitness establishments for four weeks." This action was taken to mitigate the alarming and uncontrolled spread of Covid-19. Read the entire Executive Order by clicking the button below. 

Executive Order 20-99  



Mask Up Itasca

Itasca Economic Development Corporation is proud to be apart of the Mask Up Itasca taskforce. Mask Up Itasca was formed with the purpose to reinforce and encourage safe personal practices to combat the spread of COVID19 in the Itasca area. 

According to the Minnesota Department of Health, "Research has shown that wearing masks reduces the risk of infection, especially when combined with other prevention efforts such as washing your hands often and staying 6 feet away from others.

As of July 25, 2020, per the Governor's Executive Order, people in Minnesota will be required to wear a face covering in all indoor businesses and public indoor spaces, unless you are alone."

Face Covering Requirements





Preparedness Plans

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development put together sector-specific guidance for all industries. We encourage you to find your sector, and read through the guidance by clicking here. If you don't fall under a specific sector, there is a general preparedness plan available. To read the full document, click the link below. Although the general preparedness plan was last updated in July, it still stands true today. Some of the key take-aways are as followed: 

  • Businesses must address all the guidance requirements applicable to their operations in their COVID-19 Preparedness Plans and as set out in each of the components below.
  • Businesses must assign a designated Plan administrator to ensure the Plan is evaluated, monitored, executed, and updated.
  • Businesses must ensure the plan is posted at all the business’s worksites in readily accessible locations (or is distributed to workers electronically) to allow for the plan to be readily reviewed by all workers, as required.
  • Businesses must maximize remote-working - workers who are able to work from home must work from home.

General Preparedness Plan




Funding Resources

We have put together a unique webpage for funding resources that are available for businesses in Itasca County who have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

On this page, you will find the following types of loans:

  • Itasca Small Business Relief Loan 
  • SBA Resources
  • State of Minnesota Small Business Emergency Loan
  • Entrepreneur Fund

Click here for more information



The CARES (Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security) Act was signed by President Trump to help provide financial stability and relief for individuals and businesses affected by COVID-19. This bill is very broad and we will try and have as much information on this topic as possible as we continue to navigate through these difficult times. 

We have included a Small Business Guide and Small Business Checklist for the CARES Act. Both are great tools for a small business owner to use when looking for more information regarding loans and more! 

  • To access the Small Business Guide to the CARES Act, please click here.
  • To acces the Small Business Checklist from the US Chamber of Commerce, please click here. 



Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA)

On March 18, 2020, President Donald Trump signed the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) into law.  Impacted employers must be in compliance with this law by April 2, 2020.  To help explain the provisions and requirements of this law and related topics, Authored by Christopher Beinecke and Dawn Kramer from the Marsh & McLennan Agency.  This document summarizes recent actions taken by both the federal and state governments affecting employer-provided health benefits and provides a user friendly guide on what is required to be in compliance with the FFCRA.

Remaining calm is easier said than done given the relentless stream of news about the spread of novel coronavirus (“COVID-19”) across the globe. This article summarizes recent actions taken by both the federal and state governments affecting employer-provided health benefits as well as certain other related issues.

To access the full article, click here. 

  • For information regarding Family First Employee Paid Leave Rights, Click Here.
  • For information regarding Family First Employer Paid Leave Requirements, Click Here.
  • For information regarding Family First Questions & Answers Form, Click Here.





Unemployment Updates

Unemployment benefits are still available for those affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic. For more information, or to apply for unemployment, Click Here. 
There is also an application for unemployment benefits for those who are self-employed or are contract workers. To access the information and directions on how to apply, please click here. 
The team at Audacity HR put together a short and informative video on Unemployment in MN. To access the video, please follow the link: Full Video






Community Resources

  • First Call For Help
    • Website:
    • Phone: call 211 for help
    • Description: This is the first place to call for assistance of any kind. There are many resources available by county on their website.
  • Kootasca:
    • Website:
    • Phone: (218) 999-0800
    • Description: Call Kootasca for energy assistance or go to their website to find additional links to community resources.
  • Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation:
  • Second Harvest North Central Food Bank:
  • Veteran's Services:







Using Social Media to Sell Inventory 

There are so many creative ways to use Social Media as an outlet for curbside pickup sales! It can be as simple as taking pictures of new items and posting them to let your followers know that they are available at any time. All it takes is a quick comment, message or phone call.  We want to help you succeed in all areas of business. If you need any help with social media sales, please let us know! Our Marketing Specialist, Kayla Swanson, is available via email or phone.  Please contact her with any questions at She will set up a phone-call with you to help walk you through your next steps! In the video to the right, Kayla walks you through a way to use Facebook Live for Retail Sales and Curbside Pickup. 

For access to the step-by-step Facebook Live Guide, click here. 



Job Search 

Despite the ever-changing times, there are employers that are still searching for employees to fill critical positions in our economy. We want to make sure that you know where there are resources out there to find a job when the job needs you most. Below are links to help you in your job search. 


Broadband Updates

Internet providers accross our nation have pledged to "Keep Americans Connected." Please refer to the links below regarding internet access for all students that are no longer in school and the workforce who is forced to work remotely. 

We understand that there are more internet providers than what we have listed. We will continue to try and update this information as it becomes available to us. 



Childcare Updates

We know the uncertainty that comes with running a licensed childcare program during scary times like these. However, we want you to know that there are resources available for you.

The following three links regarding childcare are constantly changing and we want to be sure that you have access to them at all times. 

For more information regarding childcare, follow the links below:






Additional Links & Resources 

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